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Embryo Adoption

The fact that hundreds of thousands of embryos are currently cryopreserved worldwide has been the subject of many articles in the press and a slew of television programs.

Our world-class specialists use cutting edge technology to boost your fertility odds. Our clinic is one of only a dozen clinics in the country that has embryo monitoring technology (time-lapse-photography system for watching embryonic development) and include a camera that can be set to capture images at set intervals. The time-lapse photography system allows embryologists to monitor developing embryos in a whole new way. Previously, In the lab embryologist use to remove the embryos from the incubator regularly in order to check their progress. This new technology offers more data to embryologists as they consider which embryo will be best for implantation. As a result, some believe this technology will contribute to higher IVF treatment success rates.

We believe that higher success rates are a result of experience and technology. New technology is important and EmbryoScopes are great tools but our advantage will always be our experienced team of doctors as nothing can replace an experienced embryologist's eye. We believe it's our doctors that make the difference. New Hope is committed to your success.

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